WHY Bumble and bumble?

There are so many options out there… how does anyone make a decision?!  How does a salon even choose which products they would prefer to have for their clients to purchase?

At 5th Element Salon we use exclusively Bumble and Bumble products.  As a collective we all love Bumble and have never regretted the change.  I personally, have had my hands into Bumble since I was a preteen.  My mom was a stylist at a Bumble salon at the time.  I loved it then and I still love it now!

So you might find yourself asking, “Why?”  I love Bumble and bumble because their products work.  They say what they mean and when used in the way intended (and sometimes not intended) the products work wonders!  Although a difficult choice, I have a handful favorites that I will highlight:


-Thickening Hairspray:  This works wonders!  Made for wet hair as a volumizer, heat protectant and added hold when blow dried.  This can be used lightly or layered, at the root/mid shaft/ends depending on the strength and style you would like.  This is one of my “go-to’s” for most guests who want a simple, easy product to use!

-Surf Infusion:  I LOVE Surf Infusion!  The reason why I love this so much is because it completes me!  I cannot make my beachy waves happen without this little secret.  I use it a little differently that one might guess… I spray it into my hands and then apply instead of directly on the hair.  I feel like I have more control of placement and can really work it and twist into my partially dried hair.  I let the mid shaft and end dry naturally using several pumps of the spray leaving my hair soft with just the right amount of shine.

-Hairdresser’s Oil Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Primer:  YUM!  I love the way these smell!  Great Shampoo and conditioner combo for just about everyone!  The Primer is a great added ‘leave in’ of sorts.  I use this mostly when I am at the beach after a surf or when my hair need a little extra love.

-Full Potential Kit:  This is NEW!  I am so excited to have this in the line up!  The fragrance is very masculine (Thank you Bumble for thinking of the dudes).  A shampoo and Conditioner duo with a Booster Spray which acts like a “liquid bandage” to help reduce hair loss (by breakage) by 46% in one month.  Thats pretty neat.

This is just a snippet of the extensive line of Bumble and bumble products available at 5th Element Salon or online at bumbleandbumble.com and sephora.com.

Find your favorites and fall in love.





NYFW 2015 for Spring/Summer 2016

As a freelancer I traveled from Hood River, Oregon to Manhattan|Bushwick, New York to work backstage amongst the fashion industries top designers, makeup artists, photographer and hair stylists.  Let’s say… culture shock. I LOVE IT!

Spring/Summer 2016 was next level! I worked for Jordan M. with Bumble and bumble on 3 shows (Brock, Ohne Titel and Mansur Gavriel), Dennis Lanni (Allsaints) and Guido Palau on 3 shows (Coach, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein). These 3 stylists are incredible.

Jordan M. has been the most influential and inspiring throughout my experiences at Fashion Week. He and Tiffani are incredible hosts, filling me with invaluable information. I cannot thank them enough!

It was a treat to meet and work with Dennis Lanni. His mellow, go with it attitude was refreshing!  I hope to work with him again in the future.

Now for Guido… INSANE! There is no one better. I learned a lot from my first show with Guido as each lead stylist has their own way of achieving the look, whether it is how extensions are added, or hair is braided (taken) away, blowdrying, curling (tonging), etc. By assisting Guido’s team you are able to observe while helping another stylist create the look for the show. I picked up some great information about Guido and his preferences. After finishing up at Ralph Lauren I arrived to Calvin Klein late and jumped right in. Guido’s agent was exceptionally helpful! I cannot thank her enough for clueing me in on a few key pieces of information, saving me from looking like a complete goon backstage!

As the show came to a close and everyone scurried out to the next show or wherever the city might take them. I had to go home. I was procrastinating so I could stay in the City just one more minute, soaking up the incredible week that had just passed. The staff from Calvin Klein came into the room and broke the euphoric moment, “where is the stylist who will be here for our shoot?” OMG. My heart sank. There were a few other assistants in the room who looked at each other bewildered and clueless! I could not believe me eyes! All I could think is ‘Why is no one stepping up?’ As I left the building, hailing a taxi and nauseous about the current situation, my phone rang. It was Guido’s agent! She asked me to do the shoot but sadly I had to catch my flight.

This. Broke. My. Heart.

I don’t typically get carsick and this was one brutal ride to the airport! I think I forgot to breath. I felt green as I plopped out of the taxi onto the curb at the airport.  It was time to breath, let it go and know that this fire will continue to burn until next time.

Thank you to all that have helped me grow and inspired to me to     BE ME.



Small town, big hearts and a lot of style!


Once again, the Hood River Gala Fashion Show, a fundraiser for the Christmas Project was a hit.  All of our local business rocked the show. I personally styled hair for the Parts + Labor models along with Subi Katz.

 5th Element Salon teamed up with our local beauty Giselle Kennedy who choreographed 2 amazing runway looks.  Girl, you’ve got talent!

5th Element Salon

Thanks to all of our models, stylists and                                                           the audience for a memorable night!



Bb. backstage
Bb. backstage

SEPTEMBER 4-11, 2014


new york fashion week was incredible.  i stayed with the lovely family tiffani, jordan, chicken & couscous.  oh, and the occasional roach.  tiffani is from oregon and jordan surfs so we had a little more than just hair to talk about.  these two made my trip complete.  it went like this.

day one. assist jordan m. @ ohne titel test appointment (run through for show)

day two. bumble and bumble team for lead hairstylist james pecis @ yigal azrouel

day three. bumble and bumble team lead assistant to lead stylist jordan m. @ ohne titel; bumble and bumble team for lead hairstylist jimmy paul @ thom browne

day four.  bumble and bumble team for lead hairstylist james pecis @ MM6

day five. surfing @ rockaway beach

day six. lower east side exploration

there were creature like models transforming into hangers, their hair into short stories.  the people watching is incomparable.  the surf was small but necessary.  there were doors opening in front of me.  there were lots of great conversations, good eats and inspiration… and i was totally kidding about the cockroaches.

I cannot wait to go back for NYFW FW15 in February 2015

Between two worlds

Fashion. One world.

Athlete.  Another world.

These worlds could not be any more different to live in, yet they could not be more similar in my  d r e a m l a n d.

This dreamland is where I work to live.  I work as a hairstylist and live as a dirt biker, surfer, snowboarder, lover and wonderer.

After spending the past week in New York City working backstage with Bumble and bumble at New York Fashion Week #SS15 Spring/Summer 2015 I realized where my worlds meet.  They are both high intensity, adrenaline pumping places both requiring practice and focus.  Being backstage with the best of the best in the fashion world  is as intimidating as it is to line up at the start for a dirt bike race with the pros.

One thingI have learned is that I belong in both worlds.  No
question.  I will continue to explore between both worlds with an open mind and heart.  I want to see where they will take me without limitation.d r e a m l a n d

New York Fashion Week #SS15

I would like to make an announcement…



I will be attending New York Fashion Week this coming September working beside the World’s most talented Designers, Hairstylists and Makeup artists!  This is a HUGE deal and something I never imagined.  I am grateful for the opportunity that has been presented by Bumble and bumble.

…and THANK YOU to all the people rooting for me!